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The Bridge - Complete Series 1 DRAMA DVD - TV SERIES {1}
The Bridge - Complete Series 1 DRAMA DVD - TV SERIES {1}

The Bridge - Complete Series 1 DRAMA DVD - TV SERIES

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The Bridge - Complete Series 1 DRAMA DVD - TV SERIES

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The body of a woman is found in the middle of the Øresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark. Half the body belongs to a Swedish politician and the other half to a Danish prostitute. A bi-national team of inspectors is put together to solve the crime: laid-back Danish family man Martin, and Swedish single Saga who puts facts above empathy.

The killer is a “moral terrorist,” who lays out his agenda in messages addressed to the media and designed to show us how corrupt we have become. Indeed, the spectacular murders he stages actually do bring public opinion to his side.

Martin and Saga begin to suspect that it could be a personal vendetta perpetrated by someone from their own ranks. Always one step ahead of the police, the killer becomes the object of a dramatic manhunt throughout the Øresund area.

01 Episode
A woman is found murdered out in the middle of the Öresund Bridge – right on the border between Sweden and Denmark. Saga Norén from Malmö CID and Martin Rohde from the Copenhagen police department are called to the scene. What at first looks like one murder, turns out to be two. The torso belongs to a well-known Swedish politician and the lower body is from a Danish prostitute.

02 Episode
The murderer, dubbed the ”Bridge Killer”, makes his presence known to the media and discloses that there is a purpose behind his crimes – to draw attention to five specific problems in society that everyone knows about but turns a blind eye to. So the murder on the bridge is just the beginning. Saga and Martin realise they are dealing with a ruthless killer who has been planning his crimes for many years.

03 Episode
The murderer draws attention to a new problem, the growing number of destitute people falling through the cracks of society by kidnapping a homeless man. The only thing that can save him is a large sum of money from four wealthy landlords. So, how much is the life of a human being worth in the end?

04 Episode
The kidnapped homeless man’s survival becomes a race against time, and depends wholly on the four landlords’ willingness to pay what the murderer demands. Saga and Martin have understood that they are dealing with someone who has meticulously planned his crimes. But what happens if they manage to disrupt his plans?

05 Episode
Saga and Martin are confronted with the third problem – the cutbacks within mental health care, which according to the murderer has been reduced to ”a pat on the back and a jar of pills”. After a few bloody killings in Malmö and Copenhagen, Saga and Martin finally manage to uncover a lead: a teenage girl who has run away from home and in all likelihood has seen the killer.

06 Episode
Failed integration turns out to be the fourth problem. Copenhagen is up in arms following a court case in which a group of police officers that beat an immigrant to death is exonerated. One of the accused officers is kidnapped from his home and the attempts to find him lead to riots. Meanwhile, saga comes in direct contact with the murderer for the first time.

07 Episode
The murderer’s fifth and final problem is our indifference to child labour. A school bus full of children disappears and the murderer demands that five large companies benefiting indirectly from child labour be set on fire. For each company that goes up in flames, one of the children is released. According to Saga, everything in the investigation suggests that the perpetrator is one of their own – a police officer!

08 Episode
Saga and Martin arrest and question a fellow officer whom they suspect of being the ”Bridge Killer”. He turns out to have an alibi for all the crimes, but is he really innocent? The murderer is done now, having succeeded in his purpose of opening our eyes to five problems in our society. But Saga has a feeling that there is more to come. Perhaps this whole thing is actually about personal revenge?

09 Episode
Gradually all the pieces to the complicated puzzle fall into place, and the clues and evidence in the investigation lead Saga and Martin to a man who could be the murderer. As they close in, the case suddenly becomes more personal for Martin than he ever could have imagined.

10 Episode
Saga is wounded in a shootout with the murderer who manages to get away. But despite her injury, she refuses to give up and remains committed to cracking the case. Martin, who is personally involved, does everything he can to find the murderer in time. It becomes a game of cat and mouse where it looks like the murderer is going to succeed in his personal act of revenge.

This DVD is in Danish with English subtitles.

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