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Revenge - Complete Season 2 DRAMA DVD - TV SERIES {1}
Revenge - Complete Season 2 DRAMA DVD - TV SERIES {1}

Revenge - Complete Season 2 DRAMA DVD - TV SERIES

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Revenge - Complete Season 2 DRAMA DVD - TV SERIES

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Emily having discovered her mother is alive, postpones her revenge plan and sets on a journey to find her mother. Digging into her past, traumatic memories from her childhood resurfaces, and she discovers the Graysons' involvement with her mother's disappearance. Her search leads her to discover that her mother, now known as Kara Clarke-Murphy, was married to the mysterious white-haired man who killed her father, Gordon Murphy.

The Graysons face a turmoil after numerous events: Victoria has faked her death and is now living in hiding, Charlotte has overcome her addiction but is entrapped in rehab by Conrad, and Daniel becomes CEO of Grayson Global, and is soon posed against the mysterious organization known as the American Initiative.

The Porters rejoice Jack's newborn son Carl, but the dangerous past of their father and Declan's rebellious behavior lead them to troubled lengths. Amanda is publicly accepted as a part of the Graysons but still hides her demons from Jack. The secretive Ryan brothers buy the Stowaway to free Declan from theft charges; however, more deeply rooted motivations are revealed to be ruling their decision.

Social climber Ashley Davenport takes over Victoria's spot as the Queen of the Hamptons, but is soon stripped of her position; and, she later formulates her own revenge plan. Nolan becomes attracted by the clever Padma Lahari, whom he appoints as CFO at his company; but, Lahari has a secret agenda of her own. Finally, a man from Emily's past, Aiden Mathis, re-enters her life and becomes a playing card in her revenge plan.

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