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Pinnacle 10-Film Collection 3 (Blu Ray) Blu Ray - Drama {1}
Pinnacle 10-Film Collection 3 (Blu Ray) Blu Ray - Drama {1}

Pinnacle 10-Film Collection 3 (Blu Ray) Blu Ray - Drama

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Pinnacle 10-Film Collection 3 (Blu Ray) Blu Ray - Drama

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WAR, INC.: Set in Turaqistan, a country occupied by an American private corporation run by a former US Vice-President. In an effort to monopolise the opportunities the war-torn nation offers, the corporations CEO hires a troubled hit man, to kill a Middle Eastern oil minister.

Now, struggling with his own growing demons, the assassin must pose as the corporations Trade Show Producer in order to pull off this latest hit, while maintaining his cover by organizing the high-profile wedding of Yonica Babyyeah an outrageous Middle Eastern pop star and keeping a sexy left wing reporter in check.

KILL SPEED: Best friends fly a home-built, high-tech planes to deliver Mexican-manufactured, crystal-meth throughout rural California in order to fund their Hollywood lifestyle until their group is infiltrated by a beautiful, young woman who is not what she pretends to be.

She works for the authorities...For the "Flyguyz" it is fun in the southern California sun until all hell breaks loose and one of the friends is killed in a spectacular crash in an attempt to make a mad dash with the cash. The surviving flyers are caught and given a chance to do the right thing by working for the DIA (Drug Interdiction Agency) which is hell-bent on rescuing one of their agents, who is being held hostage by the "Flyguyz" former boss and big-time Mexican drug lord.

Bad behaviour is traded in for a badge and bravery and the cross-border, fighter jet battle begins and ends with a sound barrier-breaking bang!

LOST CITY RAIDERS: The year is 2048. The apocalypse has arrived. Global warming has made water levels rise to unfathomable heights, consuming more than half the Earth's surface. With no end in sight, two treasure hunters, Jack and his brother Thomas, must follow their daring father on a quest to retrieve a lost holy relic that will restore the Earth to what it once was. Together they must battle a ruthless real estate tycoon in a race against time to save the world in its final, dying days.

REDD INC.: Six captive office workers are chained to their desks by a demented, escaped serial killer; former regional manager Thomas Reddmann. Redd assigns his staff the impossible task of proving his innocence or suffering gruesome consequences. Under his twisted managerial style, written warnings are carved into foreheads, filing cabinets overflow with body parts and a trip to Human Resources is likely to end in a grisly termination.

ROAD TRAIN: Four young friends on a camping adventure in the outback are chased and deliberately run off the highway by the Road Train--a massive and unrelenting two-trailer truck. Stranded amongst the wreckage of the near fatal crash, their only option is to approach the Road Train, now standing parked in the near distance. But the driver's seat is empty and the truck appears abandoned. When gunshots break the silence they commandeer the monstrous vehicle and take to the road. They soon discover that what lies inside the trailers will prove more terrifying than anything they've experienced. The next town is only three hours away but the next town is somewhere they might.

SMITTY: Lovable mutt Smitty is left behind by his owners when their home is foreclosed and they are forced to move. After a cross country trek, the dog ends up captured and placed in a pound in Summit Town, Iowa. Meanwhile, thirteen-year-old city-brat, Ben Barrett has been arrested--and his struggling, single mother has had enough of him getting into mischief.

Now, Ben has to spend the summer in Iowa on a farm run by his tough old grandfather, Jack. Jack figures Ben needs a friend and takes him to visit the dog pound, where they find Smitty. Even though its not pals at first sight--Ben hates that Smitty insists on checking his every move--gradually Smitty, Jack, and their friendly neighbour soon teach Ben life-changing lessons about friendship, family and responsibility.

THE BANG BANG CLUB: During the final bloody days of white rule in South Africa photographer Greg Marinovich sets out to capture the best and most horrific pictures of his life. During his time in turbulent Soweto he meets Kevin Carter and a team of photographers, working for national newspaper The Star, along with Picture Editor Robin.

The four men become known as The Bang Bang Club. As the chaos intensifies so do the pictures, with Greg winning a Pulitzer Prize for an image of a Zulu man on fire. With tension and violence increasing between Government and Rebels, the four men have to decide how much they are willing to sacrifice in pursuit of the perfect shot.

THE HAUNTING OF BRYAN BECKET: After the mysterious death of his Aunt, a confirmed sceptic, lawyer Bryan Becket dismisses reports that her house is haunted and moves in. Immediately occurrences begin he cannot explain. And beyond the occurrences there is something about the house which gnaws at Becket-some strange connection he senses he has with the houses past. Soon the haunting turns personal, he hears voices suggesting clues to a deep mystery. He questions his sanity, seeks medical and spiritual help, but instead finds assistance in a young psychic who immediately declares. There is a very bad secret in this house.

Together they embark on a terrifying journey to uncover the secret-a journey which leads them deep into the recesses of Beckets own troubled mind.

THE PERFECT HOST: A criminal on the run cons his way into the wrong dinner party where the host is anything but ordinary.

John Taylor has just robbed a bank. He planned and executed it perfectly. It comes as a shock to him then when he discovers the robbery is all over the news and he has been identified as the perp. Injured from the robbery and now in a car known to the cops John has a problem. He must ditch the vehicle and get off the streets.

Warwick Wilson has showered shaved and is in the middle of preparing the dinner party that he will be hosting that evening. Warwick is a little surprised when the intercom of his slick Los Angeles home buzzes. The man on the intercom screen introduces himself as John a friend of a friend and in need of a favour.

THE VETERAN: Soldier Robert Miller has returned home from Afghanistan, unable to fit into society.

Living on a violent council estate and finding work in undercover surveillance, he becomes obsessed with taking down a group of local gangsters who are tied to a terrorist cell, and uncovers a conspiracy leading back to the intelligence services.

Miller refuses to back down, and embarks on a brutal one-man quest for justice. Full-scale urban warfare erupts, high-level secrets are exposed, and battle is joined on the streets of London.
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