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Pinnacle 10-Film Collection 2 (Blu Ray) Blu Ray - Drama {1}
Pinnacle 10-Film Collection 2 (Blu Ray) Blu Ray - Drama {1}

Pinnacle 10-Film Collection 2 (Blu Ray) Blu Ray - Drama

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Pinnacle 10-Film Collection 2 (Blu Ray) Blu Ray - Drama

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BORDERTOWN: Lauren Adrian, an ambitious news reporter is assigned by her editor George Morgan to investigate the brutal kidnapping, torture and slaying of young factory women in the Mexican Bordertown of Ciudad Jurez.

Lauren heads to the U.S.-Mexico border to investigate the murders, teaming up with Alfonso Diaz and factory worker Eva. They soon discover that the scale of the murders number in the hundreds, over the course of the last 15 years.

Together they face imminent danger in their attempts to track down and bring the killers to justice, and uncover the conspiracy behind the crimes.

CANE TOADS: THE CONQUEST: (3D BLU-RAY / BLU-RAY): Join the cane toads on their unstoppable journey across the continent, as they leave behind them a broken trail of human folly, endless controversy and a series of extraordinary close encounters. Meet the scientists, community groups, politicians and housewives who have crossed their paths. Discover the incredible history behind one of Australia's most notorious environmental blunders.

HOME OF THE BRAVE: Shortly after learning their unit will soon return home, they are sent on one final humanitarian mission to bring medical supplies to a remote Iraqi village. The unit is ambushed and takes heavy losses. The surviving troops suffer both physical and psychological injuries. Now, as they return to the United States, four soldiers must face memories of the past as they look towards the future and return to civilian life. These are their stories.

LIES AND ILLUSIONS: A self-help author is hunted by thugs, how believe the writer holds millions of dollars in diamonds, stolen by his dead finance.

POWDER BLUE: On the eve of Christmas, four lives collide by chance, tragedy and divine intervention. A suicidal ex-priest, a young stripper with a terminally ill son, a lonely mortician looking for love and an elderly ex-con desperate to reunite with his daughter, create a mosaic of characters seeking solace and redemption as their lives become intertwined.

SINNERS AND SAINTS: As the leader of an elite street crimes task force squad, New Orleans Detective Sean Reilly has seen the worst violence the city has to offer. Life and death are never more than a breath away and it's sending him over the edge. Assigned by his commanding officer Captain Trahan to an unsolved gangland killing, Reilly's investigations lead him directly to his childhood friend Colin who appears to be at the centre of the crime. Against heavy political pressure and deadly forces breathing down his neck, Sean Reilly is forced into a desperate race against the clock, and a brutal confrontation with his darkest fears.

TELL TALE: Hardworking single dad Terry has a new lease on life: he has recovered from a recent heart transplant and met a beautiful woman.

But things begin to go awry as Terry becomes haunted by his own heartbeat and realises that he must delve into the shocking death of the donor who saved his life. Desperate to protect those closest to him--and his own sanity--Terry listens to the warnings coming from within and embarks on a griping quest to learn the secrets of the dead.

THE GIFT: A young American engineer comes into possession of a mobile phone that bestows unlimited wealth upon him, never realising the danger posed to him by the device until security agents close in and start shooting to kill. Now, as a frantic chase across the continents gets under way; the stability of the entire world hangs in the balance.

THE MAIDEN HEIST: It was a stroke of genius. But now the perfect crime is turning into a perfect disaster.

Charles, Roger and George are the very picture of honest security guards. But when they learn their favourite artworks are being sent to another museum, they concoct a plan to switch the real masterpieces with fakes. All goes well until a mistake forces these first-time thieves into a last-minute escapade.

TREASURE GUARDS: On a dig in the remote Jordanian desert, maverick archaeologist Victoria Carter unearths an ancient scroll buried in the ruins of an historical temple. The document is encrypted with the location of the long lost Seal of Solomon, which, according to legend, was given to King Solomon by God himself. But this mighty treasure is also being sought by forces unseen, including Victoria's estranged father. From within the walls of the Vatican, Angelo, an elite member of the church's covert Treasure Guards, receives orders to investigate Victoria's dig and soon discovers the magnitude of her find. Now, Victoria and Angelo must team up to track down the treasure, unexpectedly assisted by Angelo's half-brother Luca, a charming, fast-talking hustler with an agenda of his own. Now the race to secure the Seal of Solomon has begun. And nothing can prepare Angelo, Victoria and Luca for a quest that will span the globe and uncover a mystery long buried thousands of years in the past.
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