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Doctor Who (1986) - Season 24 Collection (Blu Ray) Doctor Who DVDs {1}
Doctor Who (1986) - Season 24 Collection (Blu Ray) Doctor Who DVDs {1}

Doctor Who (1986) - Season 24 Collection (Blu Ray) Doctor Who DVDs

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Doctor Who (1986) - Season 24 Collection (Blu Ray) Doctor Who DVDs

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span>The Doctor is faced with enemies including the Rani (Kate O'Mara) and the terrifying Tetraps in Time and the Rani, Kroagnon and his cleaning robots in Paradise Towers, the ruthless Bannermen in Delta and the Bannermen and Kane (Edward Peel), the murderous ruler of Iceworld in Dragonfire.

Time And The Rani: The Rani, needing the Doctor's expertise, shoots down his Tardis, crash-landing it on planet Lykertya where the Doctor dies and subsequently regenerates. She biochemically induces selective amnesia before disguising herself as Mel in order to angle him deceptively into repairing one of her broken machines. The real Mel? Left behind in the Tardis, alive but unconscious, where she's found by a grim rebel Lakertyan who then makes off with her.

Paradise Towers: The Doctor and Mel visit Paradise Towers, an apartment complex in the 21st century, only to find it rat-infested and ruined. Paradise Towers is inhabited by Rezzies (elderly women, at least some of whom are cannibals), Kangs (roving gangs of teenage girls), Pex (a cowardly young warrior who proclaims himself the local hero) and Caretakers led by a Chief whose job is to keep the apartment complex in order. But the Doctor and Mel find that robotic cleaners are killing off everyone in Paradise Towers, one-by-one. The culprit is Kroagnon, the building's award-winning...

Delta And The Bannermen: The Bannermen have successfully wiped out all but the last of the Chimeron--Delta, the queen, no less. She escapes with an egg and boards an intergalactic bus of Navarino vacationers heading for 1959 Earth to visit Disneyland. On that bus is Mel, followed closely by the Doctor in his Tardis.

Dragonfire: In Iceworld, a trading port on the dark side of planet Svartos, the Doctor chances across Sabalom Glitz and joins him on a treasure hunt in the frozen caverns of the planet where a dragon is rumoured to resides. Meanwhile Mel and a recently fired waitress named Ace run afoul of Kane, the icy director of Iceworld, whose frozen touch means death.
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