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Beauty And The Beast (2012) - Complete Series DVD Box Sets {1}
Beauty And The Beast (2012) - Complete Series DVD Box Sets {1}

Beauty And The Beast (2012) - Complete Series DVD Box Sets

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Beauty And The Beast (2012) - Complete Series DVD Box Sets

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Beauty and the Beast DVD box set from 2012.

Three years after NYPD detective Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) witnesses her mother's murder, a case leads her to ex-soldier Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan), a man with a dark and mysterious past. As their love grows, so does the danger. While Catherine discovers more about who--and what--Vincent really is, together they must uncover who cursed him with his unnatural abilities. From the shadows, sinister forces conspire to tear them apart and threaten to destroy their lives altogether. It soon becomes clear that in order to stay alive, they'll have to stay together.

SEASON 1: Catherine "Cat" Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) is a smart, no-nonsense homicide detective who is haunted by her own tragic past. When she was a teenager, Cat witnessed the murder of her mother at the hands of two gunmen. Cat would have been killed too, but someone--or something--saved her. Nine years later, a case leads her to discover that Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan), a soldier killed in action during military service, is actually alive. As Cat gets to know him, she starts uncovering the mysteries surrounding her mother's murder and just who (and what) Vincent really is.

SEASON 2: After unlocking the secrets of Vincent Keller's beastly nature and yet opening her heart to him, detective Cat Chandler saw him ripped from her by dark forces. Now reunited, she finds him mysteriously different...missing his scar, memory wiped, more powerful than ever and clearly on a mission. In order to reach the Vincent she loves, Cat must unravel the threads of what exactly happened during his abduction and who-or what-he has become. With the help of J.T., Tess and ADA Lowan, Cat will stop at nothing to break through to her soulmate and recover his true identity and their true love.

SEASON 3: Their love has always been extraordinary. But in all 13 episodes of the gripping third season, Detective Catherine "Cat" Chandler and veteran soldier Vincent Keller quickly discover that the price for being together forever may be more than they can bear. A secret and sinister plot to create super humans is quickly claiming innocents and even though J.T. and Tess join in the efforts to stop the spread of unnatural powers, it is ultimately up to Cat and Vincent to use their long-desired wedding plans to draw a dark and powerful killer out into the light.

SEASON 4: Cat and Vincent return home from their honeymoon. However, it isn't long before they have to go to battle once more with a new breed of adversaries, leaving them to wonder if they will ever have a normal life together. Meanwhile, things between J.T. and Tess intensify as they confront their own demons, and Evan Marks makes a startling return.

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